R&R Software’s 2013 results and future plans
R&R Software receives trademark from the ICT Association of Hungary

What should the M2M service provider do with millions of daily transactions?

Internet traffic grows rapidly with the accelerating spread of IoT devices.

According to Cisco’s analysis, internet traffic generated by mobile devices alone in 2013 was as big as the complete traffic of the internet in 2000. In the future, we can calculate with further increase in these numbers: the current, 1.5 exabyte monthly traffic will increase to 15 exabytes per month by 2018.

With the traffic, the number of Internet-connected devices will also increase – by the end of 2014, their numbers will exceed the population of the Earth. M2M (Machine to Machine) devices already account for 5 percent of the Internet-connected devices: their share will increase to 20 percent by 2018.

Companies providing M2M services will soon face an exponentially increasing demand regarding transaction processing and billing. The creation of new business information using Big Data tools will open up a new level of business intelligence and enterprise performance management possibilities.

R&R Software’s FusionR product line is already prepared for the near future’s requirements: it provides a modern, customer-centered set of functions to convergently support a diverse range of M2M and infocommunication services: current references include companies managing transactions in the hundred million range. FusionR – with its exceptional price / performance ratio – already gained a large market share among ERP, CRM and BSS (transaction processing and billing) systems.


R&R Software doesn’t only provide background for M2M services: one of it’s latest research and development projects – undertaken with Future Energy Ltd. – is the SMART ENERGY VISION energy management system, which utilizes M2M communication and Cloud technology to measure electric and other piped utility consumption monitoring and control.