Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

R&R Software develops and delivers integrated, comprehensive and customized ERP solutions, loaded with industry-specific functions and abilities. 30 years of business and IT experience, modern development tools , automated software code quality assurance systems, the expertise of 200 colleagues, and audited implementation methodologies ensure that the Customer’s investment keeps its value on the long run.

R&R Software’s self-developed VERK/400 integrated ERP system provides comprehensive, enterprise level functions and abilities to production, manufacturing, trading, logistics and financial service provider companies, company groups or holdings.

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R&R Software’s FusionR ERP and BSS products offer unique support for heterogeneous service portfolios. It offers central, integrated control, operative business support, and central monitoring functions to infocommunication-, telecommunication-, financial-, and public utility (water, sewer and waste management) service providers, as well as public city works companies or holdings.

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The Vector CDP based cDMS package is a comprehensive, car manufacturer-validated and -recommended enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management solution for car dealerships and services.

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Business Support Systems (BSS)

R&R Software’s BSS solutions provide customer relationship, product and service management, mass billing, and revenue assurance functions to public utility, infocommunication and financial service provider companies, and public city works company groups or holdings.

R&R Software’s FusionR BSS and FusionR Utility solutions proactively control, support and monitor company operations, and convergently managing customer service and billing – making them ideal for companies with large service portfolios.

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R&R Software’s FusionR Sales App solution can extend FusionR BSS and FusionR Utility functionality to the field.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

R&R Software supplies CRM as part of its products, or as standalone, enterprise solutions with integration interfaces.

With R&R Software's CRM solutions, all customer-related information – for example account information, last orders, delivery conditions, contracts in effect, contact data, or planned meetings – can be managed and displayed in a structured manner.

Lost customer dossiers will be gone forever: campaigns can be carried out effectively, complaints can be managed easily.

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Electronic Document Management (EDM)

R&R Software supplies electronic document management solutions both as an integrant part of its enterprise resource planning systems, or as standalone configurations with integration interfaces.

With the FusionR EDM system, electronic versions of documents created during company operations can be stored, verified and archived. FusionR EDM is also able to automatically forward the documents.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

R&R Software’s solutions are all based on thin client and web technology, accessible through web browser interfaces: this makes remote work possible even when the available internet-connection is slow. With the help of customized and optimized application interfaces and native applications, smartphones and tablets can also be used.

FusionR Sales - All ways to the customer

FusionR Sales automates and digitizes sales processes, reduces administration, and frees up time for high value-added sales activities. It connects the actors of the sales chain and promotes the exploitation of market opportunities by intelligently managing the data generated during these processes.

FusionR Sales can monitor and analyze market changes through multiple channels and tools, and the data entering into the system is immediately displayed on the management reporting interface. FusionR Sales is able to provide valuable analyses of market changes in real time, which means a completely new quality in strategic planning and real potential in business growth.

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Business Analytics (BA)

R&R Software’s Business Analytics group delivers solutions that help organizations and businesses of all sizes discover new ways to strategize, plan, optimize business operations, and capture new market opportunities.

R&R Software utilizes Microsoft and Oracle technologies, and open source tools to deliver state of the art business analytics solutions that let customers gain insight into every aspect of their business, plan ahead, and act with confidence: anytime, anywhere, on any device.

R&R Software’s services scale from business analytics strategy building, consultancy, and mentoring up to customized implementation, quality controlled with ISO 9001:2008 project management methodologies.

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Supply Chain Management and integration (SCM)

Modern science dictates that economic growth can not only be driven by increasing market contenders’ individual performance. By strengthening relationships and collaboration between companies, added value can be created for all supply chain partners, increasing their competitiveness in their own market segments.

R&R Software’s FusionR SCC provides a secure, industry-independent solution for sharing large amounts business data between partners.

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Infrastructure Integration Services (IIS)

R&R Software’s IIS group carries out projects with 30 years of experience in implementing, maintaining and operating IT infrastructures.

With its wide portfolio of competencies, R&R Software’s IIS group undertakes the planning, implementation, integration, operation and support of physical and virtual information infrastructures.

Energy Management

The SMART ENERGY VISION – developed in cooperation by R&R Software and Future Energy – is a real-time energy management system, which provides the widest portfolio of energy management services with Cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

Users of the SMART ENERGY VISION system may measure and monitor their energy and piped utility consumptions and their green energy generation with great precision, in real time.

Innovative, integrated business analytics tools provide a wide palette of functions for evaluating data – this way, energy efficiency can be maximized, and a stable foundation can be established for controlling purposes.

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Green-field application development

With its existing Java, RPG, Android and iOS competencies and 25 years of experience in developing business applications, R&R Software also undertakes projects which require the quality assured planning, coding, implementation, maintenance and support of brand new software components or systems.

Modern development tools, the knowledge of 150 experts, and automated code quality assurance systems warrant excellent solutions, which keep their value on the long run.

Outsourcing and nearshoring

Financial service provider, trading, logistics and manufacturing companies don’t always necessarily have the competency to carry out IT projects. Instead of establishing and maintaining an own expert base, „outsourcing” and „nearshoring” solutions may prove a cost- and time-efficient method for planning, implementing, maintaining and operating IT solutions.

Apart from the cost and time benefits, SLA metrics provide more insight and transparency.

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R&R Software undertakes the strategy building, requirement scoping and specification, requirement management and functional specification of IT systems and projects.

Big Data

R&R Software's business analytics group is specialized in Big Data solutions that enable the analysis of transactional (performance management, data exploration) and non-transactional (social analytics, decision science) data.

IoT (Internet of Things)

R&R Software uses IoT technology in its own solutions - for example, in the FusionR Sales App field work system, and the SMART ENERGY VISION energy management system. It also provide Big Data solutions to explore and analyze large amounts of data coming from IoT devices, and mass billing / customer care / revenue assurance systems for IoT service provider companies.


R&R Software - as a leader and partner of purpose-built Hungarian IT Consortiums consisting of multiple market-leading Hungarian companies and market actors - wields more than 20 years of experience in developing, implementing, delivering and supporting digital solutions.

Offered solution include high value added, sustainable Hungarian solutions to various verticals such as:

• e-Justice systems
• e-Gov systems: multi-purpose national e-ID cards, a fully electronic parish registers (birth, death and marriage registry), digital registries of social benefits electronic public procurement systems, electronic emergency rescue management systems, Government Service Buses and their related professional (administrative) consultancy services.
• e-Health systems
• e-Agriculture
• Smart Utility solutions

Blockchain technology

R&R Software is constantly strives to expand its services and to create and adapt state-of-the-art technology paradigms that can be used in economic and social circles.

As a result of this endeavor, the company has been providing consultancy, system design and software development services in blockchain and DLT (distributed ledger technology) competencies since 2019. Blockchain is an uncorruptible digital journal of economic, commercial, manufacturing, and logistics transactions that enables economic or governmental actors to break down barriers to collaborate at the data management level. The use of blockchain technology implies the potential for new collaboration models, transparent, reliable, auditable shared operation. In addition to consultancy services and the development of blockchain-based custom solutions, R&R Software also offers blockchain-as-a-service solutions to industry and government actors.

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Services related to our solutions


R&R Software uses its continuously developed, ISO quality managed and PMI specification compliant project management competencies, and its 25 year experience to carry out IT implementation projects.

R&R Software focuses on keeping the trio of quality, deadlines and costs in check high during implementation projects. Exact methodology – which carries over the best qualities and practices from „waterfall” and „agile” manifestos – will always fit the customer’s exact requirements.


R&R Software expends considerable resources to constantly develop and improve its products, preparing them in advance for statutory and technological changes. This way, the Customer’s investment in the implemented solution will keep its value on the long run.

R&R Software also provides maintenance services for the solutions of its technological partners.


R&R Software provides first, second, and third level support for self-developed, and third party supplied IT solutions.

R&R Software’s support service includes SLA based requirement and claim management, error evaluation, troubleshooting, or escalation.

R&R Software maintains an on-line support portal, where customers can indicate, record and track their requests or errors.


R&R Software has been providing Cloud operation for more than ten years: infrastructures, platforms and software as a service (IaaS, PaaS, Saas).

R&R Software also offers the remote operation of private clouds, infrastructures, platforms or software.

Industry-specific solutions

Public utility

R&R Software offers comprehensive and integrated solutions for water, sewer and teleheating utility service providers, property management organizations, and waste management companies. The solution includes ERP, CRM, product and service management, mass billing, and revenue assurance functions.

R&R Software’s FusionR Utility establishes the foundations of customer-centered, efficient, auditable, and law-observing operation – even for many hundred thousand utility customers per serviced region.

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With R&R Software’s FusionR Sales App , FusionR Utility function can be extended to the field to support, control and monitor: meter readings, overviewing verifications and construction work, maintenance work, or customer relationship tasks.

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Trading and logistics

Trading and logistics enterprises gain their competitive edge by servicing customer requirements quickly and accurately, with strictly following pricing politics. This necessitates the support of sales procedures and mass orders, the validation of trade regulations, and the campaign-like support of discounts and sales actions – all while efficiently organizing internal and external logistics.

R&R Software’s self-developed VERK/400 integrated enterprise resource planning system is the condensation of the 25-year experience gathered in various industries. With built-in best practices, VERK/400 can be implemented with the least possible amount of development.

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With FusionR Sales App , VERK/400's capabilities can be extended to the field, and with FusionR Sales Calls, FusionR Sales Portal and FusionR Sales Net components can be used to support "traditional" field represetatives, telephone, and online channels as an integrated IT solution.

FusionR Sales App
FusionR Sales Calls
FusionR Sales Portal
FusionR Sales Net


Nowadays, enwreathing telecommunication and infocommunication services demand that market contenders provide convergent, „infocommunication” portfolios – which cover telecommunication, content, transaction, and IT services.

R&R Software’s FusionR BSS system offers a comprehensive and integrated solution with both enterprise resource planning and business support functionality, including customer relationship management, service and product management, mass billing, and revenue assurance.

FusionR BSS felxibly supports the development of products and services, the configuration of profitable pricing, and assists in taking these products and services swiftly to the market. It is able to convergently manage and bill consolidated contracts, which may include telecommunication and IT elements, or extend to „triple play” and „quadruple play” services.

FusionR BSS is also able to handle both B2C and B2B service contracts, and also settles interconnecting services.

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Financial services

R&R Software has 25 years of experience with the industry-specific IT solutions of banks, insurance companies, and credit institutions. This experience covers the comprehensive requirement-based solution development, and outsourcing-nearshoring services covering consultant, analyst, organizer and developer competencies.

R&R Software’s VERK/400 integrated ERP system fulfills the stringent security and audit requirements of financial service provider organizations, and offers dependable finance, accounting and controlling functions on the industry leading IBM System i (AS/400) platform.

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Organizations providing integrated financial services, and requiring customer and product management with mass clearing and settlement, the FusionR solution provides enterprise resource planning and business support functions.

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City public works

R&R Software’s FusionR product line offers a comprehensive, “smart city” solution for city public works holdings, extending to the central control, monitoring and support.

By utilizing the synergies of financial, controlling and enterprise operations, efficiency can be increased, while the central IT solution lowers implementation and maintenance costs.

FusionR Utility consolidates the enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, convergent service management, mass billing and revenue assurance functions.

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Production and manufacturing

Production, quality control, procurement, sales, finance, customer care, and both internal and external logistics have to be harmonized to operate efficiently.

VERK/400 includes the best industry practices for production and manufacturing companies to automate the flow of information, ensure the recording of factual data, and provide a stable foundation for controlling.

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With R&R Software’s FusionR Sales App system, VERK/400 functions can be extended to the field.

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Car dealership and service

For vehicle importers, dealerships and services, R&R Software offers the Vector CDP based cDMS package, which includes enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management functions.

Apart from business procedures happening inside the company, the cDMS package also supports, monitors and controls interactions with customers, and data exchange with car manufacturer systems. The solution also supports multi-site, multi-brand operation.

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