R&R Software Zrt. (Co. Ltd.)

R&R Software develops and delivers enterprise business applications, comprehensive digital solutions for large enterprises, government organizations. R&R Software also provides technology knowledge management and development teams for global enterprises, applying latest software development and AI technologies. Since its founding in 1991, operation has been continuously profitable, the 2023 service and license revenue reached 10 million Euros, from which over 21% is export to mainly USA and Africa. With an expert base of more than 210 people and strategic ecosystem partnerships, R&R Software is a decisive contender in the high value-added Hungarian IT industry, maintaining operative collaborations to Universities and IT related associations, clusters.

R&R Software continuously spends most of its profits on business and product development, and on establishing an even more solid financial foundation. The result of this endeavor is a well-capitalized company with a wide product and service portfolio, and decisive Hungarian market share - offering mutually beneficial long-term relationship to its partners and customers.

The company's complete operation is ISO 9001 quality-controlled. The quality policy's focus is customer satisfaction: independent surveys have been returning above-80-percent results in the last 10 years, placing R&R Software high above the industry standard levels. Average "customer lifecycle" exceeds 10 years. Modern, automated quality assurance tools, and controlled development and implementation methodologies ensure the continuous improvement in product excellence.

R&R Software carries out its research and development activities with its partners, focusing on creating and applying state-of-the-art technological paradigms for social and enterprise uses.

As the leader and partner of purpose-built Hungarian IT Consortiums, R&R Software involves, manages and motivates hundreds of Hungarian experts who are the best in their respective competency fields, with the goal of identifying and supplying high-impact export projects to developing countries, and ensuring their sustainability by delivering knowledge along with the technological developments.

Company history

To see R&R Software's company history spanning back to 1991, please check our Facebook timeline:

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Market position

Independent market researchers - for example IDC and Budapest Business Journal - rank R&R Software as one of Hungary's largest enterprise business application developer companies.

With its products and services, R&R Software successfully penetrated the CEE, African and US markets. Outsourced services are provided to local and multinational companies in Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

R&R Software values the expertise and experience of its colleagues above anything else - since 2022, more than 210 experts are available to carry out customer projects, and internal developments.

R&R Software's average customer lifecycle - which means the average timespan a customer uses the implemented solution - exceeds 10 years. Customer satisfaction surveys constantly return average results over 80 percent, placing R&R Software on a quality level high above industry standards.

R&R Software's operation is ISO 9001 quality-controlled; continuous audits are carried out by DNV experts.

R&R Software is a member of "IVSZ - Association for the Digital Economy".

Business data

R&R Software's financial background is remarkably stable: the company only closed successful business years since its founding. Owner background is unchanged since 1991: R&R Software is privately held by Hungarian IT experts, who actively take part in the company's operative management.

Income (thousand EUR) Own capital (thousand EUR) Total revenue (thousand EUR)
2005 4 141 2 552 4 193
2006 5 018 2 982 5 177
2007 7 024 4 302 7 147
2008 5 616 4 804 5 744
2009 4 741 4 481 4 940
2010 4 822 4 902 5 000
2011 4 972 5 097 5 362
2012 5 415 5 553 6 030
2013 5 512 5 837 5 911
2014 5 294 5 638 5 758
2015 4 831 5 402 5 005
2016 6 180 5 515 6 627
2017 8 123 5 569 8 232
2018 9 427 5 837 9 723
2019 8 856 5 539 8 917
2020 10 123 6 368 10 183
2021 10 127 2 903 10 201
2022 8 353 3 203 9 776
2023 10 074 3 444 10 401

Foreign markets

R&R Software is a key member of the domestic ICT sector: with its high added value products and services, the company actively contributes to the growth of domestic export indicators.

Successfully implemented IT projects across continents prove that R&R Software's own source code and developed IT solutions, the company's knowledge and experience accumulated over more than 33 years, modern organizational and development methodology practices, and the company's stable financial background stand their ground in international competition.

Social responsibility

The flagship of R&R Software's CSR strategy is the cooperation with the György Ádám Castle Academy. The event is held every year in Pomáz, Hungary, where world-renowned professionals and Adam himself hold master courses to talents from all over the world. Up until 2011, the Academy didn't have Hungarian students.

In 2012, R&R Software founded a scholarship which provides a 2500 euro budget for local Hungarian talents to learn from one of today's outstanding piano artists.

R&R Software is a main sponsor of the 2022 New York Franz Liszt International Piano Competition, which by 2022 has grown into one of the most important piano competitions in the world. The purpose of the competition is to celebrate Liszt and his legacy, and to make it even more widely known. The final was held at Carnegie Hall.

R&R Software also pays attention to environment protection and preservation:
Our colleagues use recycled paper, and only when necessary.
Our Budapest offices use modern, low-emission heating.
Maintenance colleagues only use environment-friendly deicing material on the pavements during winter.
Our colleagues collect garbage selectively

R&R Software also conducts other society-helping activities. Our colleagues painted nearby nurseries and schools, and also offered their help during the 2013 Danube floods.

R&R Software takes part in the eSkills for Jobs campaign through the ICT Association of Hungary, helping local schools and their pupils.

In 2019, R&R Software donated used computers to Pilisborosjenő Fairytale Kindergarten and supported Amigos for Children charity. The "Amigos" are university students whose goal is to motivate seriously ill children to recover through a useful tool, language learning.

In 2021, R&R Software supported orphans of the coronavirus pandemic through the Regőczi Foundation. In 2022, Regőczi Foundation asked R&R Software to help to acquire the latest Microsoft software licenses for the students, and its specialists installed and set up the software.

R&R Software's colleagues also collected and delivered Christmas packages and presents many times to those in need during the "Shoebox Campaign".

Research and Development

Apart from developing its own products and services, R&R Software also takes part in the research and development of widely adaptable software technology. In cooperation with the world-renown Department of Software Engineering at the University of Szeged, R&R Software played a crucial part in many projects aiming to improve software quality.

Environment protection and preservation efforts also appear in R&R Software’s R&D activites. In cooperation with Future Energy Ltd, R&R Software developed the SMART ENERGY VISION real-time energy management system, which helps large consumers – production and manufacturing companies, facility management companies, or state-owned companies – to control and measure their energy usage.


Csaba Rozenberszki



Csaba finished his studies on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, gaining PhD in 1989 in the field of telecommunications. He worked as a development engineer at Videoton between 1988 and 1989. In 1989, he travelled to Germany to work as a business application developer.

He founded R&R Software with his brother, Zsolt Rozenberszki in 1991, where his primary tasks were financial and human resource management. As the company grew and leading colleagues also became owners, Csaba became responsible for keeping the company financially stable on the long run.

Zsolt Rozenberszki

Sales director


Zsolt finished his studies on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1990. Starting his career in the IT industry in 1989, Zsolt worked in Munich, Germany until 1992 at a global, Japanese-American company as a developer, and later as an organizer and consultant.

He founded R&R Software with his brother, Csaba Rozenberszki - university classmates soon joined the ranks. After the first successful projects in Germany, Zsolt became responsible for constantly building and developing R&R Software's market share.

Gábor Orosz

Development director

Gábor finished his studies on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1990. He worked as a development engineer at Műszertechnika Ltd. until 1992, spending a year at the company's Taiwanese daughter company.

He joined R&R Software's ranks in 1992, and worked as a development manager in R&R Software's mixed Hungarian-American company, undertaking project management and consultant tasks until 2000. Up until 2006, he lead the FusionR customer service and invoicing system division - currently he's working as development director and solution delivery manager for R&R Software.

Lajos Szemán

Division manager

Enterprise business applications

Lajos finished his studies on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1990. Until 1991, he worked on research and development projects in Nantes, France, later turning to industrial software development in Hungary.

He jonied R&R Software in 1992. Until 1993, he worked on ERP projects in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Up until 2000, he worked as a development manager on R&R Software’s VERK/400 ERP system, later moving over to R&R Software’s FusionR product line. He’s currently leading the Enterprise Business Applications division.