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Rozenberszki Zsolt
Budapest Business Journal interviews R&R Software

R&R Software receives trademark from the ICT Association of Hungary

The ICT Association of Hungary awarded R&R Software with the “Qualified IT Enterprise” Trademark for another year.

IVSZ (The ICT Association of Hungary) is the largest interest safeguard organization for IT, electronics and infocommunication companies. The main goal of the alliance is to move the Hungarian digital industry and information society forward.


The Trademark’s goal is to create a positive distinction on the market – only companies fulfilling strict professional and ethical norms may receive it. At least 3 years of immaculate professional background, and industry-wide recognition is required – both from customers and competitors.


The Trademark’s value can be seen from the number of companies receiving it – currently only five Hungarian IT enterprises own it, including R&R Software.

“We are very proud of the Trademark, because it symbolizes the feedback from industry competitors and customers alike. It’s the third year in row that we receive it, and we will continue with our aim of setting our standards even higher for a broader range of customers, with an even wider palette of solutions” – said Zsolt Rozenberszki, R&R Software’s sales director.