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Budapest Business Journal interviews R&R Software

Rozenberszki Zsolt

Budapest Business Journal published a comprehensive interview with decisive Hungarian business software corporations. Zsolt Rozenberszki, R&R Software’s sales director answered the questions.

Budapest Business Journal: How would you describe your products and services? What does the software you are developing do?

Zsolt Rozenberszki: R&R Software’s products and services are comprehensive, integrated, and customized for industry-specific requirements. Our business applications all share the ultimate aim of controlling, supporting and monitoring enterprise operations with state of the art information technology solutions.


BBJ: If you offer ERP services, do you attempt to provide all the software a company needs? Can you provide a customized solution for everything?

Zs. R.: In our opinion, nowadays the borders between business software categories are gradually being washed away – for example: ERP systems must provide some CRM or BI-EPM functionality to compete on the market. R&R Software has constantly been focusing on its customers’ needs for the previous 23 years, so we can proudly say that we can supply our target industries with all the business software they need. We can provide complex, “industry best practice bundled” solutions for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, car dealers, and also for telecommunication, infocommunication, financial and public utility service providers.

BBJ: Has your company made any innovations of which you are particularly proud?

Zs. R.: We are very proud of the “SMART ENERGY VISION” Cloud based, real-time energy management system, which utilizes IoT and M2M devices to monitor and control energy usage for medium and large businesses and organizations, created in cooperation with Future Energy Ltd.

Our research cooperation with the University of Szeged also resulted in many successful software technology research and development projects.

BBJ: Who are your major clients?

Zs. R.: HEINEKEN Hungária Co. Ltd., HÉTFORRÁS Co. Ltd., Central-Drinks Ltd. and BUSZESZ Co. Ltd. from the FMCG manufacturing industry. Euler Hermes Ltd., Garantiqa Co. Ltd, Raiffeisen Bank, GIRO Co. Ltd. from the financial service provider industry. Invitel Co. Ltd. and NISZ National Infocommunications Services Co. Ltd. from the infocommunication service provider industry.

BBJ: How much consultation is required with your customers?

Zs. R.: This depend on many factors – first of all, the scope and functionality of the system. Then comes the preparedness of the customer, the availability of organized business procedures, and the dedication of the project team. However, from our experience, these are our numbers:

• Wholesale company ERP system: 2-6 weeks

• Public utility service provider ERP system: 4-12 weeks

• Wholesale company SFA (Sales Force Automation) system: 1-2 weeks

BBJ: Are your custmers spread around the world, or does your business depend on contacts with locals? How important is it that you meet your clients face-to-face?

Zs. R.: More than 90 percent of our customers are local, Hungarian organizations – but we also succeeded in delivering solutions and services to the Central-European region. We are committing a significant amount of our resources to expand our export opportunities. During our efforts, we have found that while personal introductions and meetings do play a critical part in building trust, modern telecommunication methods like Skype, webinars and video meetings also prove useful for facilitating business.


BBJ: Why is Hungary a good environment for software developers?

Zs. R.: For software development companies: well-educated, hardworking competency is available in the center of Europe, for a lower than EU average cost.

BBJ: Why should customers choose you?

Zs. R.: Our internal quality management system places customer satisfaction above all else – we are committed to establishing mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships with our projects. Based on a very strong and experienced human resource base with over 150 experts, we can pay more attention to the specific requirements and business processes of our customers, and deliver ”well-tailored”, leading edge technology solutions.

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