R&R Software holds an IT course in a local secondary school
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The Digital Educational Strategy has been completed

A document had been accepted this year, which was created as part of the Hungarian Digital Welfare Program, which aims to increase competitiveness.


IVSZ (the Hungarian ICT Association), in which R&R Software is an active member, has been supporting the development of “digital education” in all possible forums, with a key publication released in 2015.

Partially, these efforts have led to the creation of the Digital Education Strategy, which covers public education, vocational training, higher education and adult learning. For 2018, the strategy aims at the following goals:

– The digital transformation of the educational system will start, involving the infrastructure, the spread of digital educational devices, digital training material, and, digital competences for teachers/lecturers and school administration.

– All teachers and trainers will have the opportunity to (further) develop their digital skills, so that they can fluently use the digital educational tools and techniques during teaching at their classes;

– All Hungarian citizens will have the opportunity to take part in free basic digital education at their place of residence (or within a distance of up to 30 kilometers);

– The owners and / or managers of all Hungarian SMEs can participate in free digital trainings.

R&R Software – as a firm supporter of digital economy – welcomes the initiative, and trusts that the goals set out in the Digital Education Strategy will be fully implemented. In recent years, R&R Software has participated in the IVSZ “Adopt A School” program, and also in the European Code Week program, where they promoted IT as a profession in secondary and high schools.

“The Hungarian ICT industry is an increasingly important part of the Hungarian GDP, and also has a bigger impact on the growth of other industries year by year. We believe that extensive sharing, and continuous development of quality IT skills is the key to sustainable growth. These opportunities should be made accessible to everyone: from the young age groups up until the elderly” – said Zsolt Rozenberszki, Sales Director of R&R Software Co. Ltd.

R&R Software participated many times in the development of domestic digital economy and education over the past years:

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