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R&R Software’s 2014 results, and future plans

Innovation and stable growth


Year 2014 was full of changes in Hungary. In most industries, consolidation was the defining word – enterprise IT systems had to follow these trends by providing support, control and monitoring functions for geographically shared – extended operations. This process fits well within the economy’s digital transformation: SMBs and large companies see more and more potential in the efficiency-enhancing capabilities of modern IT assets. This is good news for the Hungarian IT industry, because their products and services are more sought after every day.

R&R Software forms its strategy as the digital economy develops: as a defining contender of the Hungarian IT market, it proactively takes its part in the extension of the digital transformation.


Thanks to conservative economy, R&R Software’s numbers remain on a steadily growing course: revenues and the number of customers both increased. The management looks forward to 2015 expecting the same trends, so profits are again spent on developments and innovation, laying the foundation for R&R Software’s future market position and new business opportunities. The number of experts available for internal developments and customer projects is steadily 150 people since 2013 – this dependable, low fluctuation knowledge base is one of R&R Software’s largest values.

In 2014, R&R Software’s customer satisfaction levels stayed high above industry standard levels, on 87.4 percent. With continuous investments in the development of its products and service, R&R Software would like to keep this KPI on the same, high levels.


R&R Software successfully closed numerous R&D projects in 2015:

– Development of the SMART ENERGY VISION energy management system based on IoT and M2M technologies.

– Further expansion of the remote work supporting portfolio: industry-specific native smartphone and tablet applications, and web-technology based ERP, BSS and CRM systems.

– The complete renewal of the VERK/400 ERP system: R&R Software developed new software technology to separate the AS/400 based business logics from the user interface. The new version received a modernized, graphical user interface, increasing the system’s Cloud capabilities – all while keeping the central management abilities, and the high levels security and performance.


The share of outsourced development projects and competency services has risen in both domestic and export operations: with these, companies without IT expertise get a cost- and time-efficient solution to plan, develop, operate, and maintain IT systems.

R&R Software will continue to give opportunities to graduates and interns starting their career, and experienced workers as well. R&R Software works together with major Hungarian universities, and runs co-operative training programs with them.

The flagship of R&R Software’s CSR program is still the cooperation with the Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy: since 2012, a 2500 EUR grant is provided every year, from which Hungarian talents may take part in the world-renown piano master course. R&R Software joined forces with the ICT Association of Hungary to hold classes in local schools, promoting IT as a career opportunity to students.