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R&R Software receives Renault’s qualification

R&R Software won Oracle’s “Innovation Award” in 2017


The Hungarian software company was recognized as a result of its innovative Cloud Services.


The business relationship between Oracle and R&R Software dates back to the late nineties: back then, R&R Software’s service and product portfolio already included Oracle’s hardware and software technologies.

R&R Software was the exclusive domestic distributor of the business intelligence and enterprise performance management technologies of Brio Technologies (known later as Hyperion Solutions after an acquisition), and also offered Sun Microsystems’ servers.

The business relationship became especially tight when Oracle acquired Hyperion and Sun – with its already existing knowledge and experience with data warehouses, business intelligence and enterprise performance management solutions, R&R Software instantaneously become one of Oracle’s core competence centers in Hungary: it’s lecturers held on-line courses all over the world. R&R Software also developed expertise in providing Oracle Database technology services, and also developed its proprietary business applications to utilize the capabilities of Oracle Database.

For the achievements in delivering state-of-the art enterprise performance management solutions, Oracle has rewarded R&R Software with the “Most Innovative Partner of the Year” award in 2009, and the “Media Technological Partner of the Year” award in 2010.

At the year 2017 – in the era of digitalization – everything is about the spread of Cloud technologies.

R&R Software innovatively leveraged and integrated Oracle Cloud services in its own products and services – offering easily plannable, cost-effective cloud services with a low initial investment for SMEs and larger customers as well.

Oracle rewarded R&R Software ‘s endeavors and achievements with its “Innovation Award” in 2017.


From left to right: Mr. Csaba Reményi, CEO of Oracle Hungary and Mr. Zsolt Rozenberszki, Sales Director of R&R Software at the HOUG 2017 Conference

In addition to further expansion of its Cloud portfolio, R&R Software’s product development strategy places a major bet on digitalization: the portfolio widened with IoT, Industry 4.0 and Big Data technologies.