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R&R Software expands its cloud-based business analytics portfolio

Complying with the newest trends, Oracle provides more and more of its business analytics tools in Cloud, as a service.


On the Hungarian IT market, software, platforms and infrastructures provided as a service are constantly gaining market share. Large international suppliers are well ahead of the curve: day by day, new business applications appear as Cloud services. The advantages of these solutions are low initial investments, and easily calculable maintenance costs. R&R Software has been providing Cloud services to its customers for more than 10 years, being an expert in this field.

R&R Software’s experts were the first to try out Oracle’s new BI Cloud service. As per Oracle’s strategy, new functions will keep appearing first in Cloud applications: on premise versions will get the upgrades later. The results of this strategy is already evident on the user interface of the Oracle BI Cloud service; equipped with the interface of the yet-to-be-released Oracle BI 12c version.

While retaining the data analysis and dashboard functions of Oracle BI 11g, numerous new functions arrived, with one of the most interesting being the new Visual Analyzer:


– Especially useful is the direct upload possibility: spreadsheets and text data can be uploaded right on the interface, and can be analyzed together with the data warehouse contents.

– The “meta layer” – literally connecting the database with business notions and pre-defined calculations – can be edited right from the browser, and doesn’t require the installation of an Oracle BI Server administration tool.

– With the help of native applications, Apple iOS and Android users may access the analytics interfaces without configuration or customization.

– Oracle BI Cloud will be continuously updated with new functions without the need for installation and configuration.

– During the test conducted by R&R Software’s experts, BI Cloud displayed faultless and fast operation.


R&R Software’s Business Analytics group delivers solutions that help organizations and businesses of all sizes discover new ways to strategize, plan, optimize business operations, and capture new market opportunities.

R&R Software’s services scale from business analytics strategy building, consultancy, and mentoring up to customized implementation, quality controlled with ISO 9001:2008 project management methodologies.


Source: Oracle