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Renault dealerships receive international award

Renault – as one of Europe’s biggest car manufacturers, selling 2.7 million cars every year – puts great emphasis on sustaining high customer satisfaction. Since customer relations and service is handled mostly by the car dealerships, Renault implemented a strict set of conditions to implement its quality control system.

The best performing dealerships can enter the Renault “Dealer of the Year” competition, where the judges assess many KPIs, including:

– Customer feedback

– Mystery shopping results

– The completion of the yearly business plan.

– Profitable operation

For the year 2013, 2000 dealerships from 36 countries entered the competition – only 74 of them were awarded by Renault.

To R&R Software’s great satisfaction, “Meszlényi-Autó” and “Autó-Baumgartner” both received the award: both companies have been R&R Software’s customers for more than 10 years.

„Congratulations to the winners! We hope that the Vector CDP based cDMS solution – supplied and maintained by R&R Software – also helped in reaching the high standards required to receive the award.” – commented Zsolt Rozenberszki, R&R Software’s sales director.