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Paperless handling of customer statements and contracts

R&R Software developed a form-filler and test drive mobile application for Renault Hungaria.


R&R Software has been offering integrated enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems for car dealers and service centers including Renault and Dacia for fifteen years.

The co-operation started with Renault’s and Dacia’s domestic importer, Renault Hungary, where many projects and upgrades had been successfully implemented: such as the implementation of the standardized warranty and settlement system, and also the implementation of market-leading inventory management methods.


The result of the latest development project is a form and process management application which runs on tablets:

  • Customer statements and contracts are created automatically, pre-filled with data.
  • Pre-filled statements can be checked and signed by the customer directly on the tablet, and can be sent through e-mail.


Test cars can be registered with this solution, the application can manage time / reservation of the test drive cars and can record test driver ratings from customers. Customer records available at R&R Software’s self-developed, automotive-specific CRM-SFA system is synchronized with the application runs on tablets:

  • It’s easy to add new information and update existing customer data, with GDPR rules in place with the tablet application.
  • During data recording customer can directly sign statements and other documents required for the management of customer data used for marketing inquiries or for test driving.
  • Even photos of personal documents can be taken with the tablet’s built-in camera and can be stored directly for data capture.

The application can work even if the internet connection is interrupted. In this case, the application temporarily uses a local database to store further steps and results of the processes, and as soon as it successfully connects to the network, synchronizes them with the server.