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Paperless handling of customer statements and contracts

Ford REACT! certification

R&R Software’s CDP-based dealership system recieived another Ford certification.


R&R Software offers an integrated, Vector CDP dealership solution to its customers which fulfills the requirements of car vendors to support brand-specific business processes. The company constantly improves its self-developed solutions and also provides support service by dedicated experts related to this product.

As part of the cDMS solution, the Vector CDP (Car Dealer Package) received Ford’s international certification in 2008, confirming that CDP fulfills the expected dealer-vendor integration requirements.

As a result of R&R Software’s developments, in 2011 the solution received the Ford DCS certification. As part of the complete solution DCS (Dealer Connectivity Support) provides communication between Ford and its dealers: part of the process is the regular synchronization of factory databases, handling car parts ordering and delivery, hotline support for special softwares used by Ford.

In 2018, Ford qualified the implementation of additional interface: beside a number of Ford (and other vendor) ratings, the Vector CDP and the cDMS solution has standard “REACT!” interface, certified by Ford.

One of REACT!’s main goals is to ensure the fulfillment of reporting obligations of Ford dealers. All datas recorded during service activity is replicated and prepared for specified usage and submission to vendors in specified format and content. Beside the solution significantly simplifies the reporting processes, provides a number of convenience and usage benefits to improve customer service processes and to optimize stock management.

R&R Software constantly striving to preserve the value of its systems, and to improve its quality. In addition to the new certification, R&R Software has recently made several high value investments in order to achieve the mentioned goals.