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European Utility Week 2018

R&R Software – as a key player of the Hungarian public utility and smart energy domains for providing enterprise business applications – is taking part in one of Europe’s largest thematic events.

European Utility Week is a platform for achieving a fully integrated and interconnected electricity system and market in Europe. The organizers host the environment for all key players in the smart energy ecosystem to come together and discuss European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply. European Utility Week is the place where the entire community of smart utility professionals meets to seek out solutions, sign new partnerships and build on relationships that will affect business models for the better.

As one of the key players in Hungary for designing, developing and delivering state of the art ICT solutions, R&R Software will take part and exhibit in Vienna at the European Utility Week 2018 event in order to showcase and further develop its portfolio for the public utility and the smart energy sectors:

R&R Software is always striving to stay ahead of the curve by investing in research and development, in order to apply the newest technologies and paradigms in its products and services.