Customer Satisfaction: 2017
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R&R Software’s business results in 2017 and future plans

The annual audit’s result exceeds previous growth expectations for the business year 2017.


Since its founding in 1991, R&R Software Co. Ltd. expert base has exceeded 180 people by the end of 2017, embracing a wide range of competence and product portfolio. Behind the results, in addition to the domestic market share and the corresponding increase in the planned volume, export sales increased to a greater extent, compared to 2016 data, by 50%.

R&R Software Co. Ltd. has significantly increased its incomes in 2017 by more than 25% from 2016, exceeding the 2.5 billion forints and doubling its 2016 result. As a result, the company continues to provide stable work and career prospects and a positive vision for its employees. The construction project started in Budapest in 2017 is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2018, with hundreds of square meters of modern office space increasing the currently available capacity.

R&R Software is actively contributes to expand the number of high-value-added domestic jobs, thus increasing the competitiveness, sustainability and digital exports of the domestic economy with the domestic suppliers and co-operating partners involved in its projects.

In 2017, R&R Software was an active member of professional associations and organizations so as in the previous years. They took part and took a role in the following:

  • The work of professional forums aimed at disseminating digitalization
  • To promote and expand the IT and economic management trainings which can deliver high added value.
  • To integrate and deliver complex and unique solutions and services with the partners in the cluster, to export markets.

R&R Software Co. Ltd. continues to develop its own product and service portfolio with 27 years of  professional experience: 2018’s projects’ result “GDPR compliance” and solutions with NAV Online account capabilities implemented.  In addition to maintain the competitive edge of its own products and services, R&R Software Co. Ltd. together with leading companies in the domestic ICT industry, offers e-administration solutions to foreign customers, significant export success and hoping for home-based knowledge export opportunities.

2017’s Customer Satisfaction survey revealed that, R&R Software maintained the satisfaction index significantly above the industry standard levels. Continuous development of products and services, and maintaining outstanding standards, is still a strategic goal for both domestic and export customers.