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ITU Telecom World 2015 conference

Budapest is hosting the ITU Telecom World conference between October 12-15. This year, the main focus of the event will be the engagement of SMEs, and new innovations.


The continuously appearing new technological solutions redefine the industry of telecommunications – just to mention a few things: developing future technology for mobile communication based on 5G standards, or the continuous improvement of IoT and Cloud solutions. Neuro-. bio- and nanotechnology, robotics or 3D/4D printing are not just notions of the future, but real occurrences of our current days. Plus the vast accumulative data –Big Data – creates new business models and solutions in the field of data analyzation, utilizing the data for commercial use.

Innovation, and the change it triggered had a huge effect on society and the business sector as well. Cross-sector partnerships, and new forms of co-operation offer opportunities to future innovations. These effects and cooperations will be – among other things – in the focus at the ITU Telecom World 2015’s forum discussions.

The SME sector is gaining an increasing part of the innovational ecosystem. In certain countries, innovative processes started by local enterprises make up to 60% of the sustainable GDP increase. Moreover, knowledge-based economy – that serves as a foundation to innovation – has the potential to elevate the numbers of employment, which mean a great deal of help to innovation-based nations.

R&R Software – as decisive contender on the Hungarian IT SME market – welcomes the ITU World 2015 conference in Budapest. The company introduces its products and services – that are based on 25 years of experience in telecommunication, gathered in both Middle and West-Europe – offered for the industry, and also looks for options to co-operate with providers and system-integrator partners:

– FusionR ERP: enterprise resource planning system for telecommunication, infocommunication and IoT service providers.

– FusionR BSS: customer service, billing and operational support system for telecommunication, infocommunication and IoT service providers

– Business Analytics: (business intelligence, enterprise planning, data store house) solutions for telecommunication, infocommunication and IoT service providers.

– Outsourced professional and development services.

– IoT and M2M based energy management systems and Cloud based services.