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Enterprise reports in the Cloud

The new Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service is now available from R&R Software.


With the help of the new Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service, the process of creating reports within the company – and also for partners and authorities – is made much easier, transparent and closed. With its help, the structure of the reports and other dimensions (e.g.: corporate hierarchy) can be defined with similar ease like in Essbase and other OLAP solutions.

The data required for the reports (e.g. GL balance sheets) can be simply uploaded in the cloud even in office program file formats. The data can be monitored in Excel with SmartView, which is also used with other Oracle BI-EPM tools: the formatted reports can be compiled in Word, which may not only contain report data, but also written explanations and conclusions. For securing the correctness of the data, a multi-leveled confirmation chain can be defined; in which the delegated, responsible users can monitor and approve the reports.

The Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service is also compatible with smartphones and tablets.

R&R Software primarily recommends the Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service to companies who find creating periodic reports on a regular basis way too resource-consuming.

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