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Active sales in the VERK/400 ERP system

R&R Software’s VERK/400 ERP system was expanded with new integrated components, supporting active sales and telesales.


Improving sales efficiency has always been a key factor for every company. The new component of VERK/400 allows monitoring, support and control of the active telesales channel – drawing on the sales and financial master data and functions stored in the system. With its help:

– Sales revenues can be increased with current clients.

– New clients can be acquired.

– Consolidated information can be gathered from the market.

– Customer satisfaction can be measured directly.

– Directly collecting customer feedback gives a strong base to quality assurance.



Central-Drinks Ltd. – one of Hungary’s largest beverage wholesale companies – has been using the VERK/400 ERP system for six years – supporting, monitoring and controlling its operation. Since the system went live, it has been expanded with several new costumized features – one of the most important is the integrated call center/telesales component developed and implemented in 2015, which supports Central-Drinks’ sales processes on a new, graphical interface.

The call center/telesales component complements Cetral-Drinks Ltd.’s VERK/400 enterprise resource planning system with the following functions:

– It provides controlled, yet flexible IT backing for performing the telesales action.

– It relieves users of extra administration tasks.

– It helps administration with automatically stored call results, and reports of the executed tasks.

– It provides information to the management.

– On-line, integrated operation based on the master data of the VERK/400 enterprise resource planning system.



The main functions of the integrated call center/telesales component:

– Planning call lists.

– Importing call plans/call lists.

– Creating call lists.

– Managing call lists.

– Logging.

– Reporting.




Last year R&R Software renewed the VERK/400 ERP system with a multiple hundred thousand Euro investment: the new version offers a modern user experience on a graphic interface with the wide range of functions of the previous versions as well as outstanding reliability and stability.