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Microsoft’s Power BI Desktop is available for free.


With its advanced query module, Microsoft Power BI Desktop allows users to access all data in data bases, business applications, spreadsheets or cloud services; and even perform complex transformations on them for analytical purposes. Users can also link data from different sources, and analyze the correlations.

The presentation and analysis of the data is supported by a rich visual toolkit. A large selection of charts, spreadsheets and maps are available: with the help of these, spectacular and efficient dashboards can be developed within minutes. If the built-in elements don’t meet every need, the Power BI Visuals Gallery provides further data visualization tools developed by 3rd party experts.


Prepared analytics applications can be shared through the Power BI cloud service: uploaded reports are also available on Android and iOS platforms using native applications.

Technologically speaking, the components of Power BI Desktop can be familiar from Excel: these are Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View. It is Microsoft’s goal to integrate and create interoperable solutions for different types of users, as it can be seen in the following video:

In its 2015 Wave study, Forrester listed Microsoft as a market leading agile business platform based on the Power BI service.


Microsoft publishes new functions weekly in the Power BI service, and monthly in the Power BI Desktop application. Although the service only started in 2015, by this time, more than 90 000 companies are using it in 185 countries. It is imputable for not only the functionality, but for the highly favorable pricing as well: 1 GB of data is free, and the 10 GB Power BI Pro subscription’s monthly fee is 9,99 USD per user.

In the past years R&R Software successfully integrated Microsoft’s solutions with their self-developed business applications and services; this way the number of clients using Microsoft platforms increases every year.

R&R Software’s Business Analytics group delivers solutions that help organizations and businesses of all sizes discover new ways to strategize, plan, optimize business operations, and capture new market opportunities.

R&R Software’s services scale from business analytics strategy building, consultancy, and mentoring up to customized implementation, quality controlled with ISO 9001:2008 project management methodologies.