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Comprehensive, multi-platform solution for delivering invoice data

New, real-time invoice reporting requirements will come into force by 1st of July 2018. R&R Software has developed a comprehensive, closed, multi-user support solution which fulfills reporting obligations.




The legislation concerns for domestic taxpayers who use billing programs. The real-time invoicing obligation applies to all domestic taxpayers if the tax on the invoice amounts to 100,000 HUF or more. Account data must be transmitted from the billing program to the NAV Online Account System without any human intervention, via public Internet.

R&R Software delivers the NAV electronic billing system for its customers using their self-developed billing software with maintenance services under legal follow-up.

The NAV gateway components of the solution can be operated on a widespread open source IT platform, so it can be implemented and operated cost-effectively and safely. It is also offered to companies using 3rd party billing softwares.

R&R Software has nearly 30 years of specific experience in enterprise business applications running on IBM System i (AS / 400). The platform is used by a number of global banks, financial service providers and companies. The NAV gateway component of the R&R Software IBM System i (AS / 400) platform can be delivered to these companies in Hungary, as a complement to the company’s global application.

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