R&R Software Zrt. successfully delivered digital solutions to Porsche Finance Group Hungary and Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft.
R&R Software has announced a new product line of its decades-old sales and marketing support applications

Based on Europe’s most widespread company rating, R&R Software Zrt. was included among the most financially stable companies in Hungary

Dun & Bradstreet’s rating system examines more than half a million companies registered in Hungary, takes hundreds of variables into account, determines the level of risk the companies are hiding on statistical and expert bases, and selects those that are on the most financially stable footing on the Hungarian market.

R&R Software Zrt. has been operating successfully for 32 years, based on which it has built a stable financial background, a wide portfolio of products and services, and a customer base through its developments. In addition to the domestic market, it also provides IT export services to several continents, its export revenue exceeding 550 million HUF accounts for more than 16% of the total revenue of 3.342 million HUF.