Customer satisfaction 2022
Based on Europe’s most widespread company rating, R&R Software Zrt. was included among the most financially stable companies in Hungary

R&R Software Zrt. successfully delivered digital solutions to Porsche Finance Group Hungary and Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft.

For more than 20 years, R&R Software has been a key IT supplier to the domestic automotive industry. Its customers include car manufacturers, brand representatives, numerous car importers, dealerships and car service centers.

R&R Software offers integrated corporate management and customer relationship management solutions, and it also has a significant reference in the field of digital solutions developed for banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers. Together, these experiences and references made it possible to supply Porsche Finance Group Hungary with a solution for the digitalization of its administrative processes, and Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft. with customer relationship management and invoice management solutions.

In May 2020, Porsche Finance Group Hungary asked R&R Software Zrt. to deliver the modules of the Finanszírozás Partnerportál and Fleet Service.

The aim of the Partnerportál project was to digitalize the lending, service and customer relationship administration processes of Porsche Finance Group Hungary. Porsche Finance Group Hungary was looking for a solution that would simplify the communication and information flow between the dealerships and service centers connected to them in a safe and controllable way. R&R Software’s financial institution references were a guarantee of compliance with the confidentiality, logging and security standards required by Porsche Finance Group Hungary. The Partnerportál system automates and rationalizes customer service, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Thanks to the system, the information necessary for customer service is immediately available to dealerships and service centers, thereby making it more efficient. The Partnerportál system supports the daily work of more than 300 dealerships and service centers associated with Porsche Finance Group Hungary.

In 2021, Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft. asked R&R Software to deliver processes and a customer relationship management system supporting its fleet activities.

The aim of the project was to digitalize the customer relationship administration processes supporting the fleet activities of Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft., to support the registration of data relating to its potential and existing partners/customers, to forecast daily/weekly/monthly tasks and business opportunities related to finding partners based on the registered data, and effective support of the specified back-measurement and result statement based on the recorded data, meeting the required safety standards.

The system effectively supports the work of the sales team of Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft. It facilitates the acquisition of new customers, the expansion of the customer base, the search of existing customers in order to extend expiring contracts, as well as the sale of higher value services to existing customers and the increase of business volume.

As the next step in the digitalization of the business process, Porsche Finance Group Hungary has decided to partially replace its invoice management system. Given the adequacy of the Partnerportal system, Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft. asked R&R Software in October 2022 to supply the Account Management module integrated into the Partnerportal system.

The purpose of the Invoice Management module project is to increase the efficiency and simplify the processes of negotiation and confirmation of vehicle repair orders generated by the service partners of Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft., as well as the verification and processing of received invoices.

R&R Software fulfills the needs of Porsche Lízing és Szolgáltató Kft. by delivering the Account Management module developed in the Partnerportál system, maintaining the previous interfaces, and establishing a connection with the order management module of the Partnerportál.

With the help of the Account Management module, in addition to checking and approving order requests from service partners, invoices from service partners are also checked, coded and approved in a private manner in the Partner Portal system, simplifying the administration process and significantly reducing the possibility of errors.

The implementation of the projects provided learning and development opportunities for both parties, as the processes of Porsche Finance Group Hungary were analyzed together with the specialists of R&R Software, so it was possible to examine process rationalization from an IT perspective as well. Porsche Finance Group Hungary saw many new automation alternatives in the systems, thus the R&R Software team also encountered new development directions in the field of financial and leasing services.