Based on Europe’s most widespread company rating, R&R Software Zrt. was included among the most financially stable companies in Hungary
Toyota Central Europe choosed R&R Software as its IT strategic partner

R&R Software has announced a new product line of its decades-old sales and marketing support applications

By using the FusionR Sales product line, you can implement a 360-degree, paperless, modern sales system in your business, which is characterized by better customer service, higher customer satisfaction, new customers and more efficient access to the market.

Using FusionR Sales:

  • you can control and manage sales and contact on all channels with the customer;
  • you can fully digitalize the visit-based activities of regional salespeople and field representatives with mobile devices;
  • you can manage the service of the customer segment that does not require a personal appearance in a cost-effective way, through a digital sales channel;
  • you can provide direct, 24/7 digital customer service availability and commercial service to your customers;
  • you can get a comprehensive insight into the status of your products and services, customer relationship events;
  • you can gain insight into your market, its covered and uncovered market parts, supporting its growth and expansion;
  • thanks to the modular structure of the product line, you will receive a solution adapted to your needs on the channels of your choice;
  • the central management and control of the marketing and sales channels is implemented.

The FusionR Sales product family can be used as a cloud service or as a self-operated IT system. FusionR Sales supports the “BYOD” operating practice: users can safely use their own mobile devices in the system.

The FusionR Sales product line:

FusionR Sales App

FusionR Sales Portal

FusionR Sales Calls

FusionR Sales Net

For more than two decades, R&R Software has been developing sales and field representative support, corporate mobility application systems (SFA Sales Force Automation, FFA Field Force Automation), delivers portal, telesales, supply chain solutions. R&R Software’s share is dominant in Hungary, it has achieved success in both the European and African markets, and its clients include many global and domestic large companies as well as SMEs. With the FusionR Sales product line, R&R Software combines its knowledge gained during the development and implementation of complex enterprise application software systems with the most modern technologies and methods.