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Economic impact of the pandemic on the ICT sector

Responsible behaviour and service of R&R Software Zrt. during the COVID-19 outbreak

Dear Customers and Partners,

Related to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we would like to inform you about the following.

As an employer, supplier and service provider, we are aware that we have significant responsibility during the state of emergency due to COVID-19.

We are taking all necessary measures in order to;

  • maintain the health of our employees;
  • prevent the spread of the pandemic;
  • maintain our corporate operation;
  • and contribute to the sustainability of our Customers’ and Partners’ operations and business continuity.

R&R Software Zrt. considers the performance of all its contractual obligations as its fundamental responsibility and task.

Measures taken

Since the possible appearance of COVID-19 in Hungary, we have introduced reasonably expectable measures that cover the areas of hygiene, communication and workplace behavioural policy.

R&R Software Zrt. had been prepared for remote work. Following the 16th of March, 2020, the company switched over to remote work operation, minimizing the need for personal presence and contact.

In the case of our colleagues working on our Customers’ premises, we are adapting to the regulations and technical conditions of our Customers, and we are able to support the remote work changeover tasks if and when required.

Please take the above-mentioned measures into consideration when you engage with R&R Software Zrt’s employees.

Business continuity

Our goal is to maintain the business continuity of R&R Software Zrt. including the health and work ability of our employees, in order to continue providing our Customers and Partners with long-term and professional service that is in line with our contractual obligations. Any shortcomings that may arise in individual cases will be systematically addressed.


We consider it critical that economic, administrative and judicial actors maintain the continuity of their operations – including digitalisation improvements and developments – to the fullest extent possible to avoid negative chain reactions in the economy.

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the spread of digitalisation is expected to accelerate, which was already a critical need of the economy and administration; we now see that not only for competitiveness, but also for the sake of sustainability.

R&R Software intends to continue doing its best to provide its Customers and Partners with high quality, internationally competitive services, resources and digital competence during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.


Wishing you safe and good work:

The management of R&R Software Zrt.