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Customer satisfaction steady over 80%

R&R Software’s products and services focus on achieving long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation and business relationships, thus defining a quality policy that requires high levels of customer satisfaction. R&R Software’s ISO 9001:2008 quality control system dictates that overall customer satisfaction level must be at least 80 percent out of 100.


Though 2011’s record – 87,6 percent – wasn’t broken last year, 2012’s 85,7 score is still well over the requirements.

This years’ simplified survey also provided R&R Software’s customers with the option of writing upgrade and development recommendations. R&R Software will take these recommendations in account, and will also put effort in reaching out to partners not fulfilling the “at least 80 percent” quality policy.

R&R Software would like to extend its gratitude to all partners taking part in the survey.