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Customer satisfaction 2019

R&R Software’s customer satisfaction remains high above industry standards.


R&R Software’s services and products are based on long-term, mutually beneficial business co-operation: customer satisfaction remains at the heart of the company’s strategy and quality policy.

R&R Software’s ISO 9001 quality control standard determines that annual surveys must have a total satisfaction level of at least 80 percent. According to last year’s survey, the satisfaction level is still high above industry average, and the results also exceed the threshold value in the quality policy:


The detailed results reveal that according to responses, the expertise and preparedness of R&R Software’s staff was still extremely high, averaging 4.8 out of 5. Satisfaction with support services provided after system handover is also remarkably high: in 2019, customers rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 points. It is also noteworthy that each of the 9 questions fulfilled the “at-least 80%” satisfaction requirement.

Account managers will reach out costumers not reaching the satisfaction level defined in the quality policy, and take steps to explore how they can strengthen collaboration. R&R Software will also consider the development ideas submitted by customers in its strategy.

R&R Software would like to extend its gratitude to all of it’s partners taking part in the survey.