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The Suzuki Info application enables quick and direct smartphone communication between Magyar Suzuki Zrt. and its employees

Fast and efficient information sharing and communication is also possible in one of the latest developments for Magyar Suzuki Zrt., implemented by R&R Software Zrt.

Magyar Suzuki Zrt. was founded in 1991 and has been the only European production unit of the Japanese parent company ever since. Thanks to the company’s partners, suppliers, and its 78-member national dealer network, it contributes to the livelihood of approximately 10,000 employees.

The Esztergom factory started the production in October 1992. The Vitara and the new S-CROSS models are produced here – now also in a hybrid version. The company also delivers to countries as far away as Mexico, New Zealand or Japan. In addition to the production of vehicles for the domestic and international market, the company also sells imported Suzuki cars, motorcycles and marine engines. Based on the 2021 data, the company Hungary’s 14th largest company in sales.

The HR and Corporate Support Department of Magyar Suzuki Zrt. is constantly developing its internal communication channels, which you can use to keep in touch with your employees. In the course of this endeavor, solutions are also needed that provide effective and fast communication to colleagues who do not work in the office, on a computer, but, for example, next to the production lines or in the warehouses; thus, they typically do not have a company e-mail mailbox. Fortunately, in today’s world, almost everyone has a smartphone, so the solution was an application that conveniently, quickly and securely creates the possibility of communication between Magyar Suzuki and its employees, with the support of the currently most common Android and iOS smartphone platforms.

Screenshots from the Suzuki Info app

In order to implement the project, it was also necessary for R&R Software’s team to thoroughly examine together with Magyar Suzuki’s legal department that the handling of personal data is carried out in accordance with both the legal requirements and Magyar Suzuki’s internal regulations.

Another important requirement was that the application should not form an “independent island” on the server side, but should be able to connect to Suzuki’s already existing personnel systems and the data and processes stored and managed in them to ensure efficient operation.

With the help of the Suzuki Info application, the Hungarian Suzuki HR and Corporate Support Department can deliver news and announcements to employees, even targeted to certain groups or colleagues, without significant delivery delays. With Suzuki Info, the company’s employees can access news and information about their work and their employer much more easily and conveniently. Employees are able to apply for events, the calendar mode also helps to navigate between current events and applications.

Suzuki Info handles multilingualism, so it is possible to communicate with employees in their preferred language.

The Suzuki Info application is only available for employees of Magyar Suzuki Zrt. on Android and iOS devices. Only employees of the HR and Corporate Support Department have access to the central, server-side capabilities. The live start of operation took place in November 2022, which was preceded by test use with the help of designated key users.

The success of the development is clearly indicated by the fact that 1,700 Hungarian Suzuki employees have already started using the Suzuki Info application in the past few months that have passed since the start of production.

The cooperation between R&R Software Zrt. and Magyar Suzuki Zrt. also covers further developments of the Suzuki Info application, which will be determined based on user feedback; partly by refining existing capabilities and partly by developing new capabilities.