R&R Software amongst the biggest

The competitiveness of small and medium enterprises can develop their business with customized ERP systems

R&R Software Zrt. is one of the five largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) developer companies on the BBJ list. Sales director of R&R Zsolt Rozenberszki thinks more and more managers realize today that the basics of effectiveness and competitiveness are the reengineering of business processes and the management and control of processes. This is only possible by process-oriented and supported ERP solutions.

Small and medium enterprises probably do not keep thinking about if they need an ERP system…

What you are saying was valid 15 years ago, when R&R have been established. But today not only multinational firms, but also managers of smaller companies realize they can save time and money and strengthen market positions by the application of a suitable resource management solution.

Speaking of 15 years, how did a Hungarian software developer manage to survive besides the international competitors?

We started to develop ERP systems when only few people saw this market niche in Hungary. Our capital background, market and product strategies helped us survive the temporary downhill periods of the industry. Our customer and quality-focused philosophy has brought us continuous growth. Today with more than 100 experts we have specialized for market sectors that we think international firms are unable to pay enough attention to due to their size.

What exactly is the difference of your ERP strategy from the giants?

It is well-known that the ERP systems of large international software developers could only be paid for by companies similar to them in size. The ERP introduction of such a company was a project of several years including the total survey (and potential coverage) of business processes. These software developers have appeared on the market of small and medium firms in recent years, but offered only “out-of-the-box” solutions for them. Thus to avoid high implementation costs, smaller firms must adjust their own business processes to “turnkey” systems and that is a great danger. Our ERP solutions help to solve this seeming contradiction.

So what do you offer to get rid of the contradiction?

We implement our systems involving industry “best practice” experiences for companies specifically. We can not only implement unique business processes during the implementation period, but our solutions live together with the company, they are able to follow its market reactions and changes of strategy. The structure of our products, however, makes it possible to make new versions of these customized solutions, to follow various technology and legal changes, thus our clients can avoid the trap of “target development”.

Can you tell us examples of companies, which acknowledge the advantages of your ERP systems?

I could mention references of many business fields, but let me quote a few without aiming a perfect list, e.g. GIRO Zrt, Hitelgarancia Zrt, Prímagáz Rt, or LB-Knauf Kft. A good example of the trustworthiness of our ERP solutions is this latter firm where the client has operated the system for more than 10 years continuously serving changing business and technology demands due to follow-up versions. In this profession this is already a historic period.

Is Hungary the target market of your ERP systems or do you have regional endeavors?

Currently we do not feel that we have grown out of the Hungarian market, but we already have some regional references. For example our ERP solution became a regional company standard following our success with BricoStore Hungária Kft and we already installed our system at their subsidiaries in Romania and Croatia. At the same time we are primarily software developers and we are happy to let our systems be implemented and supported by local systems integrator partners.

Does your product portfolio have other solutions too?

Besides ERP solutions, our product strategy is based on two further product groups. We have CC&B systems primarily developed for public utility, content provider and telecommunication companies and we have CRM solutions. Both product groups are a younger generation compared to our ERP past, but they have already been very successful. Due to them our reference list was extended by clients like Hungarotel, Interware, Brau Union Heineken, and Coca-Cola.

The number of your clients clearly shows that the market appreciates your work. Have you got other professional feedback?

Besides that extremely high client satisfaction figures measured by an independent auditor, professionals also appreciate the quality of our solutions. IBM prepared and published international case studies of our systems several times. Both BBJ and IDC rank us among the ten largest Hungarian software companies. Deloitte&Touche listed us as one of the 50 most promising Central European and 500 European technology firms based on international analysis.

Finally, what do you think the reason of your success is?

Our staff primarily, of course. They represent the values of R&R Software both within the company and towards our clients. It is also due to our faith that the establishment of knowledge-based society, the creative and innovative use of the famous Hungarian IQ and the investments spent on research and development becomes fruitful by time…


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