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Successful FusionR SFA Android implementation projects

Successful ISO 9001 audit for 2012

R&R Software’s quality control system passed with flying colors.

R&R Software has always been focusing on quality – that’s why it’s using the ISO 9001:2008 system since it’s available. The audit procedure for quality-related projects and goals concluded successfully a few days ago. DNV‘s (Det Norske Veritas) expert auditor didn’t mark any “non-compliance” or added any remarks, however, two development ideas and six “excellent” areas were identified during the procedure. The “excellent” fields of operation are:

· Control of costumer-related procedures
· Monitoring of customer satisfaction (both measurement and development methodology)
· Introduction of the “Project Portfolio Management” system to control and optimize project management procedures
· Project documentation
· Execution of internal quality control audits, excellent implementation of corrections in the workflow
· Marketing and PR

The audit also forecasted some development ideas for future consideration regarding quality control. R&R Software continues to focus on quality and to increase customer satisfaction – these efforts were awarded with the highest recorded customer satisfaction scores for 2011 (87,6 %), and also with IVSZ’s Trademark.