Customer satisfaction 2021
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R&R Software developed a Production Tracking System for one of the world’s leading poultry companies

R&R Software has successfully developed and implemented a digital solution to support the production and logistic workflows of a global poultry company. With the solution, users can perform their product registration and tracking tasks electronically on mobile tablets using QR code identification.

The production tracking system is a central server-based solution that provides hatchery professionals with real-time inventory and logistics information, supports hatching planning, enables faster intervention in processes, thereby significantly improves the quality of customer service and helps to fulfill reporting obligations.

The live production tracking system is also available at the company’s farms and central hatchery, using an application installed primarily on tablets, which works both offline and online, depending on network coverage. If required, almost any workflow can be run on a web-based interface as well. In the hatchery, planning, controlling and reporting tasks are provided by individually designed, user-friendly web interfaces.

QR code-based identification is a key function in the system. During workflows, users record data on a tablet by reading a barcode, thus significantly reducing the possibility of user error and subsequent administration. By using the system, the operation becomes more efficient, an immediate information service is provided to the management.

The project started with the preparation of a Functional Specification (FS) in which R&R Software summarized customer needs, tasks, dedicated specialists and the schedule. After the preparatory phase, the development of the software has started tailored to the individual needs of the customer. Firstly the functions used at the farms were implemented, and then the hatchery system components. The solutions implemented in the test environment were presented to key users through professional consultations by dedicated experts. The negotiations were followed by functional testing by the customer’s key users. Based on the results, R&R Software developed the final version of the system. In the next phase, key users strated to train the employees. After the successful training, R&R Software provided support to go-live with the system. Following project closure, R&R Software provided system maintenance and key user support as well.

The company is satisfied with the delivered solution, the Production Tracking System made the users’ work more efficient so further cooperation is expected between the companies. R&R Software focuses on customer satisfaction: according to last year’s survey, the satisfaction level is still high above industry average, and the results also exceed the 80% threshold value in the quality policy.