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Press release: R&R Software has started an Saas service platform research and development project based on Web 3.0 paradigm

Press release


Cloud-based service integration platform can help to widespread SaaS products at small and medium sized enterprises


R&R Software has started an Saas service platform research and development project based on Web 3.0 paradigm


The broadband, high-availability and secure Internet access allows companies to resort them as a service, instead of building their own computer server and application centre. Hungary’s decisive ERP market provider, R&R Software has started to develop a platform, which makes it available to use other software provider companies’ products beside R&R Software’s own, widely used business applications; so it is an option to use even more provider’s products as one integrated system. The research and development project is supported by the EU.


Budapest, 22nd October, 2010 –Development of Internet allows small and medium sized companies to use a similar professional IT service that was previously available only for large enterprises. Beside it is the expand an development of the Internet based services that mostly contribute in the demand to increase the wide-bandwidth connection.


By this time the Internet cloud (cloud) based services were available only on corporate level or in public cloud. Public cloud providers let only their products to use. The new concept can support a significant increase in cloud-based services. It allows different manufacturers to reach a platform availability as a service and after standardization to offer their applications through the platform.


The platform will not only have a technological and operational role among the connecting participants, but also offers a marketing channel and it allows to use a flexible remuneration structure, accounting and billing as an option.


„Our most important aim of creating this platform is to make R&R Software’s business applications, ERP systems more widely available, to sell services based on it to small and medium sized enterprises in Hungary and with the help of Internet make our application service internationally usable. On the platform the integrated third-party applications, increase our competitive edge. We also accept income from the platform service and its maintenance in medium term.”


The project is based on R&R Software’s own resources and 143,8 million HUF of EU funding.


R&R Software is a Hungarian software house owned by the founder informatics specialists. Established in 1991, R&R Software has performed continuous growth and profit and has become decisive player on ERP and business application market. The end of 2010 some130 IT professionals are employed directly and indirectly and the equity of R&R Software is more than 1,3 billion forints.


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