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Maintenance and software update on R&R Software’s WIBE system

Practical higher education training at R&R Software Zrt.

From September 2021, 2 students will start their internship at R&R Software within the Computer Science Operational Engineer cooperative training at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Even during the pandemic period, R&R Software is working to maintain a stable, high value-added workplace while continuously improves its product and service standards and provides quality service to its customers. In addition to the fact that COVID-19 pandemic have led to a significant economic downturn, the experience of the crisis further highlights the need to digitalise the economy; not only because of the competitiveness of the domestic economy, but because of its sustainability, for which a well-trained IT labor is essential.

R&R Software supports the practical concept of high-quality Hungarian education – especially in the IT and economic fields as there are still thousands of IT professionals missing from the labor market.

In April 2020, R&R Software signed a cooperation agreement with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for the cooperative training of Computer Science Operational Engineer (Bprof). The company’s FusionR business division  invited 5 university students for practical training in the 2020-2021. academic year and form September 2021, R&R Software’s VERK division and IIS (Infrastructure Integration Services) division will invite 1-1 students to participate the training.