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Implementation of FusionR SFA mobile field representative system at Ital Magyarország Kft.

Ital Magyarország Kft. choosed R&R Software’s FusionR Operational CRM (FusionR SFA) solution to support its commercial activities.

Ital Magyarország Kft., is a key member of the Hungarian beverage trade sector, operates in its current form since 2010, its main activity is the production and distribution of Hungarian wines and „palinka”. By selling more than 10 million bottles of wine per year, the company is one of the largest beverage suppliers in Hungary in its category and a stable partner of most international and domestic retail chains.

Managers of the company have recognized that in order to support their field sales and marketing activities and improve their competitiveness, they need a modern IT solution that can make the field representatives’work easier and more efficient. Ital Magyarország Kft. was looking for a complex service package, including hardware and software solutions. Based on the company’s requirements, R&R Software in September 2017, started to negotiate with Ital Magyarország Kft. about the solutions fullfills the company’s requirements.

The FusionR SFA solution customized to the needs of Ital Magyarország Kft. includes the following advantages and functions:

  • Distribution / “facing” / inventory / price surveys, monitoring promotions / secondary placements, and managing partnership data and tour plans are simplified for field representatives.
  • Using the functions to monitor the representatives’ work (KPI module), based on the data collected by the auditors and the representatives, it is possible to continuously monitor the fulfillment of the plan and facts, objectives (performance indicators), which can be accessed by field representatives on mobile devices.
  • With the help of customizable questionnaires, the data and image information required by Ital Magyarország Kft. is collected and stored in a closed system, ensuring fast retrieval and control.
  • With the server-side application of the FusionR SFA system, the work of field representatives can be controlled from a single interface, from the office – the tasks to be performed by the representatives during the visits, the tour plans, etc. can be issued or modified “on the go”. Building on the above capabilities, the FusionR SFA System documents, controls, monitors processes, provides the opportunity to create a cost-effective operational environment.

During the needs assessment process, R&R Software’s specialists consulted with the employees of Ital Magyarország Kft. several times for deeper insight and clarification of requirements.

Following the preliminary negotiations, Ital Magyarország Kft. ordered the implementation of R&R Software’s self-developed FusionR SFA as part of the solution package in December 2017. The FusionR SFA solution based on state-of-the-art technology and builds on R&R Software’s mobile business experience continuously collected since 2002. FusionR SFA enables the support of the employees working on-field, the management and control of their tasks by using modern smartphones and tablets. Through automatic data replication, the system works even when a mobile data connection is not available due to lack of signal strength.

Ital Magyarország Kft. choosed the solution as a cloud service. R&R Software provides the operation, maintenance and version control of the server infrastructure required for the FusionR SFA server application. With a low initial investment after a short implementation period Ital Magyarország Kft. started to use the system in 2018 and has been using with great satisfaction ever since.