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Implementation of SFA and TeleSales components of FusionR CRM has been completed at Z+D Kft.

There was two different, but consecutive phases in the project.


One of the biggest beverage and food wholesalers in Hungary choosed R&R Software’s solution to support its daily operations.

Z+D Nagykereskedelmi és Diszkont Kft. was founded in 1991 in Keszthely at the former site of Zala Zöldért. Since then the company has served its gastronomic, reseller and retail partners. The company was founded with Hungarian ownership by the employees and suppliers of the former Zala Zöldért company. Nowadays, Z+D Nagykereskedelmi és Diszkont Kft has become one of the largest domestically owned beverage wholesalers in Hungary.

Currently 30 sales representatives and nearly 430 employees of Z+D Kft. are working to expand and develop their services as the regional center of REÁL Élelmiszer Kft. In order to increase its sales efficiency, in 2016 Z+D Kft. decided to significantly modernize the support, management and control of field representatives, and also looks for an IT solution to support its telephone customer service (telesales) activities.

Z+D Kft. decided to choose R&R Software’s FusionR SFA and TeleSales solution customized for the company’s needs.

R&R Software started to implement the FusionR SFA system in May 2017:


  • R&R Software parameterized the FusionR SFA system according to the requirements of Z+D Kft. (tour and visit plans-tasks, order and return pick-up management, request and complaint handling, taking photos, receiving newsletters, receiving messages, competition monitoring, reports, statements, etc.)
  • R&R Software developed the required integrations with the existing ERP system of Z+D Kft. (Master data synchronization, forwarding orders automatically, online operation: pricing and stock information, flight information, open account/debt/credit line information);
  • R&R Software supported User Tests and “Pilot” operation.

From November 2017, about 30 field representatives and sales representatives of Z+D Kft. started their daily operational work with the FusionR SFA system.

The second phase of the project  – implementation of the FusionR TeleSales system – started in parallel with the completion of the first phase.

One of the great benefits of the TeleSales system is that it makes easier to stay in touch with customers with an integrated telephone sales channel.

TeleSales solution offers another personal and cost-effective sales opportunity next to field representatives’ visits. Customer management costs can be optimized with the right combination of personal visits and phone calls, tailored to the potential of the customers, and with the possibility to cover a larger customer base. When receiving, starting and handling calls, all the necessary information about the customer is available, this way the customer service representative can always negotiate with the customer with all information available, thereby the customer satisfaction can be increased easily. Recorded conversations can be accessed and listened to on the TeleSales system management interface.

R&R Software’s employees implemented the TeleSales system for Z+D Kft., based on the FusionR CRM SFA system, which was integrated with an external call center service provider. As a result of the integration, the employees of Z+D Kft. can make a call from the TeleSales system using the stored contact data.

In November 2018, the employees of Z+D Kft. started their daily operational work with the Telesales system integrated with an external call center based on the FusionR CRM SFA system, which is supported by R&R Software within contractual terms.

In the last almost two years, the implemented system has significantly optimized the daily work of Z+D Kft.’s employees: thanks to the implemented solution, customer relations have become more efficient, which was sustainable even during the restrictive measures due to COVID-19 in the second quarter of 2020.