Development of artificial intelligence capabilities in a corporate sales solution
Successful FusionR ERP implementation at RN Hungary Kft.

Effective platform change at Törley Pezsgőpinceszet Kft.

Apple’s products are famous for their security, reliability and speed, which is why they are popular in all economic sectors. R&R Software recommends the iOS platform to those customers for whom data protection is a key factor, because with iOS the FusionR CRM SFA application undergoes multi-round data and version control.

For Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft., the FusionR CRM SFA system was implemented for Android operating system by R&R Software in 2018. During the daily use of the device, it became clear that it would greatly facilitate the company’s daily work if the employees could manage all their processes with one single device. The perfect device for this purpose was Apple’s iPad. With the help of this solution, field representatives can perform all their daily operative tasks on one device. The automatic application version update provided by iOS also makes everyday life easier, since version updates take place in the background and do not require user intervention. After discussing the benefits of the platform change, Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. and R&R Software Zrt. agreed to transfer the FusionR CRM SFA system to the iOS platform. The transition went smoothly, so since July 2022, the entire Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. has been using the iOS version of FusionR CRM SFA. The devices can be managed centrally (Mobile Device Management), so all settings can be changed uniformly. Remote assistance is available, and lost devices can be deleted or searched remotely (Find my device).