The Ádám György Castle Academy will be held after two years, in Pomáz. At the opening concert we can hear pianist Ádám György’s own improvisations.
The New York Franz Liszt International Piano Competition will be held in Carnegie Hall from 5th until 9th of October

Disadvantaged students receive laptops installed with software necessary for learning

With the support of R&R Software, the Regőczi Foundation supports children orphaned due to the Corona virus with computers installed and prepared with the latest Microsoft software

The Regőczi Foundation’s goal is to provide long-term and personalized care to children who lost one or both of their parents during the pandemic. The Foundation wishes to provide support that can be a solution until the child reaches adulthood or completes his studies, starts working and is able to take care of himself.

In 2021, R&R Software supported children orphaned by the coronavirus pandemic through the Regőczi Foundation. At the request of the Foundation, R&R Software helped to acquire the latest Microsoft software licenses for the students, and its specialists installed and set up the software.