Customer satisfaction 2023

Bunge Zrt. chose R&R Software’s FusionR Sales App to support its sales activities

In 2022, the leading large-scale agricultural and food manufacturing company chose the FusionR Sales App solution to support its sales processes.

Bunge is a global agricultural and food manufacturing company with integrated activities from farmland to retail supply. The company’s more than 35,000 employees help farmers achieve higher harvest yields, ensure smooth communication between farmers and customers, and also produce high-quality products, from animal feed to consumer food and renewable fuels.

Bunge has been using R&R Software’s FusionR Sales App solution since 2022. The FusionR Sales App is part of the FusionR Sales solution package that supports comprehensive sales, manages the sales network, supports its work, and provides corporate mobility. They use Apple mobile devices to support the management of customer information, to control product placement, to create tour plans for representatives, to create questionnaires and reports, and to control of competing products.

With the help of the questionnaires, the system also provides the opportunity to conduct store surveys, shelf surveys, data collection, as well as support and control the work of the representatives. Mobile devices can also be used to take photos and display the customer history.

Users can see tasks centrally defined by sales managers in the FusionR Sales App, regular or ad hoc activities.

FusionR Sales App works even if there is no internet connection. The application can synchronize data generated during offline work via an encrypted channel when the Internet connection is available again.