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Enterprise business applications in service of public utility

R&R Software opens new office in Szeged, Hungary

The local office’s new positions are open for young programmers starting their careers.

The University of Szeged’s and R&R Software’s cooperation goes back to many years, also connecting to the work of the Software Innovation Pole Cluster. For R&R Software, the partnership means sharing its application development and implementation experience – in exchange, the University can try out its software quality monitoring and controlling innovations. The new office’s priority is to improve the source code of R&R Software’s self-developed FusionR enterprise business applications, and to further enhance the company’s programming qualities.

Current ongoing projects in the new office:

· Static measurement techniques for source code quality, optimization of software development procedures based on code qualification, creation of code quality control systems.
· Development of software framework for code refactoring and restructuring purposes
· Development of architecture maintenance system with Java EE technology